Thursday, January 25, 2018

Flower Moon by Gina Linko

Flower MoonMy name is Tally, and it's really hard to be near my twin sister. No, no, no... It’s the Greenly Curse, so twins in our family are repelled from each other because of the Flower Moon. It's why my mom and aunt haven't seen each other in years, and it's getting worse between Tempest and me. It could become explosive, and I nearly killed my sister while trying to save us! Tempest thinks it gives us other abilities, but I don't know how her wires and technology can help. Even though we're able to communicate mentally and I saved one of the wolf cubs using my power, being near Tempest is dangerous. I can't imagine being forced to never see her again. The next Flower Moon is tomorrow, and I can feel the energy between us getting stronger. I'm now realizing I must trust my sister before disaster strikes and destroys everything we love.

This book presents a creative take on the close relationship between twins. Tally and Tempest have been tight, like two halves of a whole, but they're each unique and different. It seems to be taking Tally longer to accept the situation, since she's always been the protector of the pair. It's clear Tally loves her sister, so I didn't completely understand why she had so much trouble communicating with her during this ordeal. Tally was very stubborn and felt like she was the only one who could solve the problem. Her inability to trust her sister almost led to Tempest's death. A creative twist to the potentially deadly curse was the power it gave the girls. The girls had brief mental communications early in the plot, and Tempest opened a carnival booth using her ability to "see" important numbers. Tally first realized her own power when she saved the wolf cub. The whole plot was about trying to save the twins' relationship, and the approaching Flower Moon created a suspenseful deadline. Events and past stories revealed how disastrous the curse might become. However, the curse didn't stand a chance against twins who refused to be separated. Once again, love conquered all.

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