Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trelian #3: The Mage of Trelian by Michelle Knudsen

The Mage of TrelianMy name is Mage Krelig, and all of these other weak mages infuriate me. Now that I have Calen in my possession, I will destroy everyone who opposes me. I know the boy hates me, but I've finally taught him to tap into his tremendous hidden powers. Of course, this only came about after Calen unleashed his anger toward me. I've convinced the kingdom of Lourin to wage war on Trelian, and the Magistratum of mages has fallen apart. I'm building an army of mages who fear me, as well they should. I am the most powerful mage in history, and I will rid the world of all the rules established by the Magistratum. Mages will once again reign the world, and I will lead them all.

This book concludes the trilogy, and you need to read the others first. It has the most action of all three due to the war and Krelig's growing forces. The author very effectively described Krelig's evilness, as Calen and the other mages were ruthlessly punished or killed during training. The conflict was a classic good versus evil, but the two main characters dealt with internal issues as well. Calen loved his growing power, but he was being taught by a crazy, magical tyrant. Would he be able to withstand Krelig's persuasion to join him in battle? Princess Meg mused about her role as princess heir and how it conflicted with her role in the army. I highly recommend the series if you're into dragons, magic, and adventure.

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