Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Destiny is an Adventure #1: Infinitas by David N. Sebastian

Infinitas (Destiny is an Adventure #1)Kali and her cousin, Drake, have just turned sixteen when a dragon barely saves them from an assassination attempt by three harpies. A prophecy says a descendant of Arturo will raise his great broadsword and end the reign of fear and madness of the dragon sorceress, Marigot. Kali and Drake carry the blood of Arturo, and the harpies were sent by Marigot. The teens begin a quest to find the great sword at the bottom of the pool of life, but the journey will not be easy. The sorceress offers a reward for their capture, so everyone they meet is a potential bounty hunter. They encounter fairies, mummies, and kangaboons; some creatures are helpful, while others viciously attack them. Kali and Drake must reach Infinitas and stop the sorceress. However, she's indestructible in her dragon form, and every descendant to face her has been slain, just as Arturo was slain in the beginning.

This book is a fantastic adventure story, climaxing in an exciting battle between good and evil. The author keeps readers guessing about the identity of the true dragon slayer; a "clear" prophecy provided by a seer is still misleading. I always enjoy adventure stories with lots of action, where the odds are obviously against the main characters. Although Drake is very strong and brave and Kali is an amazing archer, the sorceress has magic and has never been beaten. Kali has a charm that protects her from natural dangers, but it doesn't help much against magical creatures and the undead. It seems like this series will at least be a trilogy, since Marigot had two sisters; one sister is specifically mentioned on the last page of the book. I anxiously await the sequel!

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