Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Books of Umber #1: Happenstance Found by P.W. Catanese

Happenstance Found (The Books of Umber, #1)Hap is found by Umber, blindfolded within the walls of an underground, ancient city, under an active volcano. Umber is an adventurer, inventor, and author, and Hap is a curious case. He has shimmering, green eyes, is able to leap high into the air, is able to see clearly in the dark, and he has no memory of his past. Many people are freaked out by his eyes and aren't sure what to make of him. Then, a strange, mysterious person tracks Hap across the ocean and attacks him once he arrives back at Umber's city. I call the attacker a person, because he's unlike anything Hap has every seen. Hap discovers additional powers but learns people may have a right to be wary of him. An archivist and imprisoned sorceress believe his race of people are able to alter fate, and that may result in great fortune, or in disaster.

I enjoy stories where the characters learn about themselves, although most of the time they know their own identities! You get the sense in this book that Hap has many secrets and powers waiting to emerge. An interesting twist involves Umber. It's evident he's different from everyone else, and the story says he basically appeared out of nowhere. In my mind, I compare him to the Wizard of Oz, because it looks like he came from some other world and has knowledge that is new to all of the people in this land. They think he's a genius, and he's one of the most respected men in the kingdom. However, his past secrets haunt him, and he falls into fits of depression. This book is the first in a series.

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