Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Banished of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler

The Banished of MuirwoodMaia has two secrets that could lead to her death. She is able to read, which is forbidden for all girls in the kingdom. She can also summon magical powers from the Medium using the kystrel hanging around her neck. Her father, the king, hates the queen for not giving him a son, so he banishes the queen and Maia from Comoros. The king's decisions are hurting the kingdom, and opposing armies are waiting to invade. However, Myriad Ones, ancient spirits that bring about ill will and violence, are spreading evil across the lands. Maia's powers are growing each day, but a Myriad One takes over her body when she sleeps. She travels to an abbey for help, but the spirit forces her to burn it down. She has two men risking their lives to help her, a king who wants to marry her, but her uncontrollable powers may destroy them all.

Maia's character has the strength of her powers, a compassion for others, but the vulnerability of her emotions. I enjoyed the plot's adventure but found some parts confusing. Some chapters were flashbacks to different moments in Maia's past, but it sometimes took a page or two to figure out this was going on. The end of the book reveals secret forces that were influencing events, and they will probably become a major factor in the next book. Despite my confusing moments, I found the book very entertaining and adventurous. Lots of magic going on!

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