Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Seven Wonders #4: The Curse of the King by Peter Lerangis

The Curse of the King (Seven Wonders, #4)Jack, Cass, and Aly try to return to "normal" lives, but they need more frequent treatments to stay alive. Aly passes out and nearly dies, so they decide to continue searching for the other loculi. They travel to Greece and find the fourth loculus, giving the holder super strength, but a statue of Zeus comes to life and stops them. They also lose the other three loculi to the Massa, so they make a plan to get themselves captured by the group. The plan is complicated when their hulking bodyguard is killed, Jack's mom is working for the enemy, and a former friend is the Massa's strongest warrior. Then, the Massa leaders inform Jack that a prophecy has determined he will become the king of Atlantis once the lost continent is raised from the depths of the ocean!

You should read the books in order, or you won't fully understand what's going on. The author has some minor characters, and a main character, die in the series which is not very common. The Massa leaders play mind games with the kids to brainwash them, so readers must be alert for their lies. There's usually a clear difference between the good guys and bad guys, but Jack's mom informs him that it's a little grey in this case. The series is similar to Percy Jackson books, but the kids in this series don't really have super powers. Their genetics enhance their natural abilities with technology, memory, and strength. Jack's still hasn't identified how own special ability, but he is the group leader and seems to have a special connection to the loculi.

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