Monday, April 20, 2015

Beyonders #2: Seeds of Rebellion by Brandon Mull

Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders, #2)Jason returns from the Beyond to help Rachel and to warn Galloran the Word has no effect on stopping Maldor. Maldor killed all of the other wizards in Lyrian and now plans to control the entire kingdom. Rachel receives some help learning to use Edomics and discovers her natural abilities for magic are much stronger than anyone imagined. Galloran feels they will have a chance to defeat Maldor if they can unite the forces of the Amar Kabal and the drinlings with his own kingdom. An oracle once said that Jason is the key to defeating Maldor, but Jason doesn't understand why. The group travels through swamps and mountains, battling vicious creatures, warriors, and the undead, trying to amass the forces. The Amar Kabal will not join the effort unless the oracle now confirms they have a chance of success.

This book contains a good amount of adventure and action. Galloran and Rachel's characters take on larger roles than in the last book, and their skills amaze everyone. The author has managed to make many characters endearing to readers, but some of them do not survive through this book. Some characters, namely Ferrin, are mysterious, because they're loyalty is unclear. Ferrin was a top spy for Maldor and is now helping Jason. However, Ferrin is not even sure himself if others should trust him. Maldor controls many other characters, so he manages to create unexpected problems. I'm enjoying this series very much. Great job again, Mr. Mull!

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