Saturday, November 29, 2014

Underworlds #1: The Battle Begins by Tony Abbott

The Battle Begins (Underworlds, #1)Owen arrives late to school, but he gets a huge surprise as he runs through the empty hallways. He sees the floor open up in fire, and his best friend, Dana, disappears into the hole. She's kidnapped by a mythological god, and Owen must travel to the underworld to save her. Along with a friend and a new girl, the trio must steal a magical instrument, escape from a seven-foot tall wolf, and face Hades and Loki.

This book is a very quick-read, only 59 pages in the eBook, and it mixes gods from different cultures. I was amazed at how much action the author was able to cram into the plot. There was not a lot of character development, but it really kept my interest. I was surprised to find the book coming to an end as the suspense was still high. The resolution informs readers that more monsters are on the way!

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