Thursday, September 18, 2014

Minion by John David Anderson

MinionThis is the story of Michael, adopted son of a genius inventor who creates machines for bad guys. Michael has been aiding and abetting his father's crimes for years, and now he's actually helping his father rob banks. Michael's father is super smart, but Michael has his own power. He's able to make people do as he says just by looking in their eyes, but he's not supposed to use his power without permission. Michael sometimes wants to live a normal life, especially when he meets a cute girl at the mall. However, his father is afraid of what might happen to Michael if anyone discovers his special power. There's a new group of masked robbers striking all over town, a new superhero has appeared, and Michael has told his best friend about his mind-controlling power. His father wants to skip town and start a new life, but it may be too late.

I wasn't really sure where the plot was headed during the first half of the book. The main conflict wasn't clear to me. Michael was an interesting character, because we don't often read about the children of criminals like they're regular kids. The story became more focused as the plot moved on, and I really enjoyed it. The climax was a little surprising, but I was able to predict the resolution.

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