Friday, July 18, 2014

Michael Vey #3: Battle of the Ampere by Richard Paul Evans

Battle of the Ampere (Michael Vey, #3)This book is the third in the series, and I gave it a rating of five out of five. After destroying the Starxource powerplant in book two, Michael now awakens in the middle of the jungle. He's rescued by an endangered tribe of natives and meets another electric child, Tessa, who is able to make Micheal's charge even more powerful. The other members of the Electroclan are arrested by the Peruvian army and may be put to death. Despite the overwhelming odds against him, Michael is still determined to save them. He's going to need their help to stop Hatch, who has now taken full control of the Elgen. Hatch takes over a fortress of ships and has already built a new powerplant on some small islands in the Pacific Ocean. The location of these islands will allow him to take control of China, Australia, Japan, and Hawaii. With all of the citizens of Peru, the police, the Peruvian Army, and the Elgen forces hunting for Michael and the Electroclan, the kids are going to need more than luck to survive.

You'll want to read the other books in the series first, so type Michael Vey in the search box at the top left of this screen. I like how the Electroclan works as a team; each member of the team uses his or her power when it's needed. Michael can control electricity, Taylor can control minds, and Ian can see things happening that are thousands of feet away. Even Ostin, a kid without special powers, helps the Electroclan with his intelligence. The character relationships add internal conflicts to the story, and one of the team members doesn't survive. The plot of the book reads like an adventure story; it has lots of action and impossible situations. I'm really loving the series.

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