Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sidekicked by John David Anderson

SidekickedDrew is a totally normal teenager, other than the fact that he has super-sensitive smell, taste, hearing, sight. He also happens to be part of a group called H.E.R.O. This secret group is training to be sidekicks, assistant helpers to real superheroes, although Drew's superhero, Titan, disappeared and doesn't want to be bothered. Drew's powers are pretty lame when compared to the other sidekicks and heroes, but he still manages to find himself hanging over a pool full of acid and almost killed by The Jack of Clubs. Superheroes start disappearing, and the sidekicks are being attacked too. Something is going on, and Mr. Masters, a teacher and adviser for the sidekicks, is keeping secrets and behaving strangely. Can he be part of the return of The Dealer and the Suits and their attacks on the Legion of Justice? When he decides to end the H.E.R.O. program, Drew decides to do something about it himself.

This book was a fun fantasy. The author was able to create some suspense, mystery, and humor that made it enjoyable. Drew was insecure about his relationship with Jenna, but he was almost embarrassed by his special powers. While the other sidekicks were battling practice robots, Drew practiced his skills by sniffing test tubes of smells. The climax had great excitement, but it also provided a surprising twist.

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