Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celestine Chronicles #1: The Rock of Ivanore by Laurisa White Reyes

The Rock of Ivanore (Celestine Chronicles, #1)Marcus is an apprentice to a wizard, Zyll. He joins other boys his age to complete a quest that will make them men. They are to return with the Rock of Ivanore, but they have no idea what that means or where to find it. Along the way, a vicious beast tries to kill Marcus and Kelvin, but a half-breed named Jayson saves them. Jayson tells Marcus that the solution to their quest can be found in the city of Dokur where he was banished by the king for marrying his daughter. Jayson must return to the city to save it from an invasion, led by his treacherous brother, but he also wants to be reunited with his wife. Marcus is still learning to master his magic, and he will need it to survive and fulfill the quest.

The format of the plot is familiar: a band of unproven boys sets out to perform a difficult task. Marcus becomes the leader, but he's unsure of himself. Including Zyll's staff as a character added some humor to the events, but it also offered advice along the way. The talking head on a stick was creative. The climax was exciting, and the resolution was predictable but also offered a surprise.

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