Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eye of the Storm by Kate Messner

Eye of the StormI came across this book at our school library, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Jaden moves to Placid Meadows to live with her father and attend the Eye of Tomorrow school. The school trains some of best minds in America to become future scientists. Jaden is interested in learning to control the weather, since tornadoes and hurricanes are out of control on Earth. Her father is a leader in weather research, and he runs the school and science lab located nearby. For some reason, the daily tornadoes never enter Placid Meadows, and Jaden starts to wonder why. She does some research and has suspicions that lead her to question her father's work. She refuses to believe the truth until it's almost too late.

The plot has an interesting conflict, although some readers may be turned off by the weather talk. It's interesting to wonder about controlling the weather, which I'm sure is being studied by real scientists today. The conflicts between characters create a variety of tense moments as Jaden tries to sort through her loyalties. She develops some close friendships, but she's also trying to understand and love a father she rarely sees. The author did a wonderful job of creating suspense during the climax. She kept adding more and more obstacles as Jaden tried to stop three tornadoes from destoying Placid Meadows.

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