Monday, December 24, 2012

Infinity Ring #1: A Mutiny in Time by James Dashner

A Mutiny in Time (Infinity Ring #1)This book reminds me of The Time Riders, and I gave it rating of four out of five. Dak and Sera are best friends, and they're also geniuses. They sneak into Dak's parents' lab and discover a time machine. A group called SQ is controlling most of the world, and it turns out that they gained power due to some mistakes in history. After Dak's parents go back in time and are captured by British soldiers, Dak and Sera meet the Hystorians, a group whose purpose is to correct the mistakes in history. The kids agree to help them, since Sera is the only one who really knows how it works. They also want to go back and rescue Dak's parents. SQ and the Hystorians have people in the past who are awaiting their arrival, so they never know the identities of their friends and foes.

It was funny ready some of the historical changes during the rising action of the book. For example, the nation's capital is now Philadelphia, and Christopher Columbus was killed during a mutiny on his ship. The author was able to mix suspense, action, and humor into the plot, so I found it very enjoyable.

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