Sunday, June 26, 2011

Matched by Ally Condie

I gave this novel a rating of three out of five. The setting is sometime in the future where the Officials control almost every part of the citizens' lives. Cassie's best hopes are realized when she is matched to be married to her best friend, Xander. However, the day after the matching ceremony, Cassie sees that she's also been matched with another boy named Ky. The Officials say that Ky's matching was a mistake, but Cassie starts to wonder. She finds herself doing group activities with Ky and starts to have feelings for him. Cassie can't go against the plans of the Officials, so she must keep her feelings secret. She starts to notice some strange things about the Officials and wonders if there is something they're hiding. She also remembers the message shared by her grandfather before he died. How can one girl fight an entire society?

Readers who enjoy romance will probably love this book, but I needed more to the plot. The main conflict was Cassie and Ky's relationship against the Officials. The plot of this novel seemed to move slowly as the relationships between Cassie and Xander and Ky developed. The book has some strong feelings about the future of society, but it didn't interest me enough. Other novels like The Hunger Games and The Barcode Tattoo had similar messages about future societies, but they had more action to keep the plot flowing.

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  1. The girl's name is not Cassie. It's Cassia.


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