Friday, August 28, 2015

Goblins on the Prowl by Bruce Coville

Goblins on the ProwlFauna is invited to a celebration party after her friend, William, frees the goblins in book one of this series. She is officially a "Goblin Friend", so she's surprised when five goblins wearing red headbands sneak into her home. They keep saying "Blackstone" and "Helagon", but they don't find whatever they're searching for. The next day, William receives a book from an unknown woman, but he's warned by others that it may be dangerous. Later, when he reads from it, a stone toad comes to life and carries him away. Fauna discovers Helagon is an evil, powerful wizard, and his name was at the base of the statue. Fauna sets out to rescue William, and finds Helagon may be able to steal magic from others that will make him unstoppable.

The author is able to mix adventure, mystery, and humor to create an entertaining plot. Fauna's rescue group is a ragtag mix of characters. They range from a small goblin, to a huge woman with a lisp, to a ghost. The suspense is created, as a time limit is set for the lives of William and the Baron. Also, Fauna's character has a secret she's keeping, and she tells readers that she will need to leave her friends within the next year or two. The secret is revealed near the end of the book. Goblins are not normally portrayed as good guys, but this book changes that expectation. They are mischievous characters, but they are loyal to \Fauna and William. Apparently, the book that preceded this title was written in the early 90's, so this book can be read without knowing exactly what happened in the first episode.

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